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Sustainable Hospitality

Minneapolis is ranked as the eighth greenest metro area in the country, and the seventh least wasteful city. It's no surprise, then, that Kelber Catering is a major supporter of the Minneapolis Convention Center's sustainability program.

  • We have eliminated nearly all of our food waste by
    • Donating consumable, un-served food products to local charities such as
      • People Serving People, one of Minnesota's largest temporary and emergency shelters.
      • St. Paul Evangelical Food Mission, which serves lunch four days a week on St. Paul streets
      • Kids Cafe
    • Participating in the food-to-hogs program through Second Harvest/Barthold Farms. This program takes our non-consumable food waste to hogs. It has prevented an estimated 100 tons of food waste each year from being land-filled or incinerated.
  • Fryer grease has been collected and recycled for several years. Most recently, Kelber has partnered with Minneapolis-based Cedar Bio Fuel  to “close the loop” and process our waste oil into a cleaning product for use on Kelber’s own exhaust hoods.
  • Kelber went "green" in 2009 by changing more than 90% of its disposable products to sustainable products. Cold drink cups, dinnerware, packaging, hot cups, napkins, paper towels, and more are produced from renewable resources, or are biodegradable or compostable, and items chosen are produced with the highest recycled content available.  
  • We use bulk condiments whenever possible.
  • Kelber Catering, in partnership with Dunn Bros.Coffee, acquires green coffee directly sourced from growers and roasts all coffee on-premise for all Convention Center coffee needs.  
  • We use locally-sourced produce and products whenever possible. We also have a process by which we can offer local, seasonal and organic food menu options for catered events.
  • Kelber has long contributed to the Minneapolis Convention Center's  overall recycling effort through a robust kitchen recycling program that collects, sorts, and recycles aluminum/steel cans, plastic and glass bottles, and cardboard/paper products.  Find out more about the Minneapolis Convention Center Sustainability Initiative.