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Mill City Café Menu Samples

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Mill City Café Menu Samples

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Minnesota Love

Swedish Beef Meatballs  $ 10.75

Tot Hot Dish  $ 9.50

Pita Express

Chicken Shawarma Pita$9.50

Gyro Pita$9.50

Street Tacos

Baja Shrimp Street Tacos$ 10.50

Crispy Chicken Street Tacos  $ 10.50

Fried Rice Bowl

With Asian Chicken  $ 9.50

With Roasted Edamame  $ 9.50

Southwest Rice Bowl

Southwest Chicken Rice Bowl  $ 10.50

Southwest Vegetarian Rice Bowl  $ 10.50

Walking Taco

Walking Taco in a Bag $ 7.50

menu prices include sales tax
MCC 2020 sample menu

Rev. 12/17/19