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Dunn Brothers Food Menu 2022

Located main lobby of the Minneapolis Convention Center

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Full Service Coffee Bar – Offering Freshly Roasted Coffees, Specialty Hot and Cold Beverages, along with Bottled Sodas and Waters

From Our Bakery:Plus Tax:

Jumbo Blueberry and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins $3.50
Pound Cake Slice $3.50
Apple Fritter $3.75
Cinnamon Twist$3.75
Bagel (Plain & Everything)  $4.00
Butter Croissant $4.50
Granola Bar, gluten free* $3.25
Monster Cookie, gluten free* $3.50
Jumbo Cookie (Chocolate Chip or M & M)$3.25
Chocolate Brownie Biscotti, 2 per pack $ 1.75

From the Deli Case ~ Ready to Grab:

Granola Berry Yogurt Sundae $4.75
Fresh Salads: 
-Veggie Edamame Salad (vegan) $9.25
-MN Chicken Caesar Salad     $8.25
Deli-Fresh Sandwiches
-Turkey & Provolone on Cracked Wheat Bun$8.75
-Chicken-Bacon Ranch Wrap $8.75
-Tuscany Vegan Wrap  $8.75
String Cheese assorted$1.25
Hard Boiled Eggs (pre-pkg)  $3.25

Breakfast Sandwich-Chicken Sausage, Egg & Cheese $5.25
Breakfast Sandwich-Double Egg & Cheese $5.25
Oatmeal with Raisins & Brown Sugar $4.25

Other Ready to Eat:

Ripe Banana $2.00
Assorted Chips (Big Grab size) Old Dutch assorted $2.25
Lindoor Truffles $1.25
Yogurt Cup Greek 4 oz (when available)$ 2.75


Aquafina Water (still), 20 oz $ 3.75
Lifewtr (still) 23.7 oz $ 5.50
Pepsi, bottled 20 oz $ 4.25
Tropicana Juice (10oz) $ 3.75

Joe to Go, 96 oz coffee with 8 cups & condiments     $30.00

*No gluten-ingredients are used in preparation of these menu items, however our kitchens are not gluten free.

Sales tax not included in pricing.

Rev. 1/4/2022
2022 Dunn Food Menu