Show Management Food Preparation and Sampling Guidelines

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Show Management Food & Beverage Sampling and Preparation Guidelines

Food and beverage samplings are limited to companies that manufacture, process and/or distribute products being sampled.

  • Show management completes the Event Food Sponsor Permit > application.
  • Collect completed Short Term Food Permit applications> and permit fees from each approved exhibitor planning to distribute food and/or beverage.
  • At least two weeks before your event start date, submit all applications and fees directly to the Minneapolis Environmental Health. See the Event Food Sponsor Permit application for instructions on submitting the applications by email, in person, fax or mail.
  • Exhibitors who would like to distribute samples must meet requirements on the application and Minneapolis Convention Center regulations, no exceptions.
  • Exhibitors are required to support the efforts of Kelber Catering and the Minneapolis Convention Center to reduce waste by providing ALL compostable sampling containers and serviceware.
  • Minneapolis Convention Center offers hand washing stations and three-compartment sinks for rent; please contact your event coordinator.
  • Kelber Catering has chemical and paper products along with three compartment sink cleaning services; please contact your catering coordinator for fees.

Food and beverage samples are not to exceed:

  • Food portions – 2 ounces
  • Non-alcoholic beverages – 5 ounces

Alcoholic beverage sampling

In order to sample beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages exhibitors must be a grower, wholesaler, or distributor of products being sampled. Exhibitor must contact Kelber Catering in advance for fees and regulations involved with sampling under Kelber Catering’s liquor license. Kelber Catering retains the right of final approval on the dispensing of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages by exhibitors.

Sampling size guidelines:

  • Wine – 1.5 ounce
  • Beer – 3 ounce
  • Liqueur or Cordials – .75 ounce
  • Distilled Spirits – .50 ounce

CONSUMABLE*/NON-CONSUMABLE* FOOD & BEVERAGE SALES on the show floor – Permittee is responsible for informing exhibitors of this policy and will be held accountable for enforcement.

The MCC and its exclusive caterer Kelber Catering, maintain the exclusive rights for all consumable/non-consumable food & beverage sales on Minneapolis Convention Center property including the facility, outdoor Plaza, surrounding sidewalks, marshalling yard and any other space under direct control of the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Consumable products must be pre-packaged and have a minimum price of $21.00 (subject to change without notice) per smallest saleable unit to be sold by exhibitors and/or Permittee. Please consult your catering sales representative for current minimum price.

*CONSUMABLE PRODUCT DEFINITION is any product that may potentially be opened and consumed on site (e.g. pretzels, candies, popcorn, cookies, etc.).

*NON-CONSUMABLE PRODUCT DEFINITION is a product which is not readily consumed as is (e.g. sauces, uncooked pasta, drink mixes, food mixes, spices, etc.).

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