Compostable / Paperware Product Guidelines
for exhibitors providing branded logo items

Cocktail Napkins any paper is fine

Coffee Cups need to be a PLA-lined paper hot cup
Many brands are available: Primeware, Renewables, Eco-Products, World Centric

Bar Compostable ware cups are PLA
Our wine cups are a blend of pla/grass
Many brands are available:  Fabrikal/Greenware, Eco Products, World Centric

Cutlery must be PLA to be compostable.
Available brands: Eco Products, World Centric and more
Cannot be PSM (Plant Starch Material). PSM products contain plastic resins that are not compostable or biodegradable.

Plates: They need to be made of sugarcane (“bagasse”), preferably with no added PFA’s, Palm-leaf, bamboo, PLA, paper-fiber.  Many brands available.