2020 – Booth Enhancements & Exhibitor Services Menu

$ 50.00 delivery fee for orders under $ 125.00 will apply.   Disposable Service only

Food and Beverage Cash Card

($5.00 minimum per card, 50 card minimum -ask catering manager for details Great for booth interaction give aways, exhibit staff, VIP guest, etc.


Freshly Roasted Dunn Bros Coffee $ 62.00 per gallon
Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider$ 62.00 per gallon
Iced Coffee (5 gal minimum, 2 day lead) $ 89.00 per gallon
Hot Tea (10 bag minimum) $   3.75 each
Soda, canned Pepsi products $   3.95 each
Water, Aquafina 12oz$   3.95 each
Lemonade, Iced Tea or Fruit Punch$ 52.00 per gallon
Infused Water$ 29.00 per gallon
5 gallon Minimum-(24 hour minimum notice including refreshing)
   Flavors: Lemon-Mint, Citrus, Cucumber-Mint, & Strawberry-Basil
Spring Water Jugs, Chilled, 5 gallon $ 65.00 each
Water Dispenser rental, cold only$ 95.00 per event
Compostable Cups, 7oz $ 14.00 per sleeve of 50


Espresso Machine Package (minimum 100 cups per day)$   4.75 per serving
Freshly roasted beans to make espresso, lattes, or cappuccino,
Includes 12oz cups, lids, stirrers, sugar, stevia, milk, cream, soy milk, & 3 flavors of coffee syrup
Off premise Espresso machine rental required, ask sales manager for rental fees & details
Barista Attendant required$ 58.00 per hour
4 hour minimum, per staff

Keurig Coffee Machine Rental$125.00 per day
Keurig K Cups *          – Dunn Bros, 72 ct case$240.00 per case
72 K cups, 75-8oz cups, 75 cream cups, sugar & stevia packets, wood stir sticks & cocktail napkins

Keurig K Cups*          – Caribou Blend, 96ct case$375.00 per case
96 K cups, 100-8oz cups, 125 cream cups, sugar & stevia packets, Wood stir sticks & cocktail napkins
Additional product charged at ala Carte pricing


Ice, 20# bag$ 18.50 per bag
Ice Cart, 140#  ice$150.00 per cart
replacement charge $1300.00 if ice cart not returned


Homemade Cookies$ 39.00 per dozen
Bars/Brownies $ 42.00 per dozen
Petite Cookies  $ 29.00 per dozen
Rice Crispy or Granola Bars (gf)$ 42.00 per dozen
Mini Candy Bars$ 29.00 per pound
Snack Mix Gardettos or Chex Mix$ 24.00 per pound

Ice Cream

Table Top Freezer rental$ 60.00 per day
(21”x21”x18.5”) limited availability

Ice Cream Novelties$ 4.75 each
Mini Sundae Cone or Small Ice Cream Sandwich$ 3.25 each

Fresh Baked Cookies, in your booth

Counter Top Oven (25”x21.5”x22”) limited availability$150.00 per day
Bakes approximately 144 cookies per hour
Cookie Dough, homemade$160.00 per 10#
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, or Oatmeal Raisin
Includes use of cookie sheets, spatula, parchment & 1oz scoops.
Yields approx. 160 cookies per 10# of dough.
* Baking Attendant Labor (not required)$ 58.00 per hour
minimum 4 hours, per staff

Popcorn – You Pop It:

Small Tabletop Popping Machine$ 90.00 per day
28”x22”x34” limited availability

Want help popping? Add our attendant* in your booth:
* Popping Attendant Labor$ 58.00 per hour 

minimum 4 hours, per staff

Medium Popping Machine (attendant required *)$115.00 per day
37.5x30x60” limited availability

Popcorn/oil kits, 36/8oz per case$375.00 per case
Includes small white bags, each packet yields approximately 2 gallons popped corn


Popcorn – We Pop it:

One-time delivery included$  2.50 per bag **
Minimum 500 servings, Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popcorn popped in Coconut Oil.
**Small white paper bags (3.5”x2”x8”).
If Sponsor bags are provided, portion price may be affected

Menu Prices are subject to 22% service charge & applicable sales taxes.
Labor charges are subject to tax only.

2020 Booth Enhancements & Exhibitor Services  –  February 6, 2020