A well-seasoned team of dedicated Management and staff is your ticket to successful event planning for all occasions

Patty Lemke, CPCE, C.E.O and General Manager

With more than 35 years’ of experience in hospitality management throughout the United States, Patty has developed a servant leadership approach that encourages all team members to excel and thereby fulfill our mission to “Be the Best, No Less”. She joined Kelber Catering in 1993 and subsequently went to Monona Catering, Kelber’s sister company, in Madison Wisconsin in 1996. In her current role as General Manager for both of the award winning companies, she guides a nationally recognized team of highly dedicated professionals that are committed to providing an exceptional experience for each guest using the highest possible standards of creativity, service and product available.

John Doody, Executive Chef

John Doody, Executive Chef, has been with Kelber Catering since 1995, prior to his promotion to Executive Chef John served as Executive Sous Chef for the past 18 years, which made his transition to the leader of our award winning culinary team seamless. With over 35 years in the culinary industry, John brings not only historical detail to each conversation he has with clients, but the trends of today and tomorrow as he composes the ideal menu. John takes a special interest in the dietary needs that many events have, this attention to detail ensures our guests are receiving the best information and quality products possible. The advance planning and attention to detail John embodies are characteristics integral to the success of the staff John manages. John values the time he spends in his community; volunteering and serving. Those volunteer experiences help define the elements of service John conveys as he works with clients, customers, and his staff. As the recipient of many culinary and community accolades, John is a proven leader and the right person to be at the helm of the Kelber Catering culinary team. .

Lisa Anderson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Lisa began her tenure with Kelber Catering in 1992. She has been the creative force in the operation of the sales, catering and retail departments. Lisa’s knowledge of the hospitality industry practices, along with her knack to project trends, have contributed to Kelber's success. These assets, combined with her aptitude to thoroughly understand client needs from sales throughout the execution of events makes Lisa a valuable asset to Kelber Catering, the Minneapolis Convention Center and our clients.

Heidi Hudson, Catering Sales Manager

Heidi started with Kelber Catering in 2003. Heidi works hand-in-hand with her clients on the planning and execution of their events. Her creativity and attention to detail and her eagerness to surpass her clients’ expectations is reflected in the positive feedback she consistently receives. The consummate professional, Heidi has been a member of NACE and an award winner in her own right. Her close work with Project Homeless Connect and other non-profit groups, along with her ability to partner with the Minneapolis Convention Center staff, earned her the Hero of the Year Award.

Stephanie Case, Catering Sales Manager

Stephanie has been a member of the Kelber Catering sales department since 1999. Stephanie has a long work history in the hospitality industry in downtown Minneapolis. She has a passion for foods of all ethnic, dietary and regional compositions that she feeds by reading about, tasting in local restaurants, and preparing them in her own kitchen. Stephanie’s strong background is evident in the “full service” she provides for her clients, supplying them with inspired ideas for their events. She is an award winner and a member of Women Who Really Cook.

Nick Gundlach, Catering Sales Manager

Nick joined Kelber Catering in 2017. He brings thirteen years of hotel food and beverage management, all “homegrown” in Minneapolis. His experiences within the hospitality industry shine through as Nick emphasizes providing the highest quality of customer service to our clients. Nick is not just looking for clients to have successful events, he wants them to be "memorable" . Nick is defined as the prototypical “foodie”, his enthusiasm for all things culinary keeps him ready to bring current and future food trends to the table.

Therese VanBlarcom, Director of Human Resources

Therese joined Kelber Catering in 1996, a career that has evolved over many years into her current role as the Director of Human Resources. She is a strong advocate for the union staff and works collaboratively with KCI managers as they navigate the contractual, business and human aspects of our staff. She excels at coaching managers and staff members as they build their team or work through their career ladder. A compassionate leader, Therese puts her governance skills to work not only here at Kelber Catering, but in the broader community as well. Her experience in public service includes two terms as an elected school board director for ISD 728, and an appointment to the Hennepin County Library Board, where she served two terms as President, can be seen in her approach to HR. The commitment she has for service to others is a quality she draws from as she balances the needs of staff with the demands of the business side of the company.