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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated everything Kelber did for us to make our Tastefully Simple National Conference such a huge success. Your team gave us recommendations on how to incorporate our food products into our meal functions-which is no easy task. They were so in tuned to our conference needs every step of the way. What an amazing job! Thank you, Kelber Catering,
 Jan Sahli, Tastefully Simple, Inc.

I do most of my work in hotels. I have been in the business for a very long time and can honestly say I have never had such a consistent and pleasant experience. I will let all of my colleagues know what a great company Kelber Catering is. Your people are the best.
Kathleen Hedlund, HelmsBriscoe

If you intended to go above and beyond to impress a hard to impress group, consider that objective achieved! Our entire experience here has been really fantastic – there are just nice, friendly people everywhere and that all points to a hugely successful show.
Pamela Zombeck, CRG Events-
Microsoft World Partners Conference